Consulting elevates an organization’s performance. This may take the forms of audits, strategic direction, redesign, and tactical advice.

Types of Consulting

April Goyer Communications specializes in several types of consulting:

  • Business Consulting equips companies to optimize business opportunities.
  • Leadership Consulting helps an organization measure and enhance the skills of the management team that are essential to strong leadership.
  • Team Building Consulting helps teams to clarify and accomplish goals, set rules for engagement, build and maintain momentum, and communicate effectively.

Examples of Consulting Client Situations

  • A company wants to take advantage of a broader geographic market and business consulting equips the company to build a skilled multi-state sales division.
  • An organization wants to create a formidable joint venture and business consulting expertise is used to guide the company through negotiation, formation, and launch of the partnership.
  • A division’s leadership team needs to better connect its work to the corporation’s bottom line goals and leadership consulting is used to help the team communicate vision and strategy for maximum employee buy-in.
  • After a merger of two equals, an organization needs to meld its two disparate management groups into one high performing executive team and leadership consulting facilitates the building of consensus and the design of new plans.
  • An internal task force is assigned to reengineer a company and outside team building expertise is used to help clarify the scope, process, and individual roles for the initiative.
  • A project management team has lost its momentum and team building consulting is used to help the group identify the problem, and to make recommendations regarding how the group can get back on task with renewed vision commitment, and vitality.

Consulting Process

A typical consulting engagement includes some or all of the following steps. Based on client needs, executive coaching, group facilitation, team building, off-sites, and training can be integrated with the consulting, as part of an overall client solution.

  • A pre-engagement conference is conducted between the consultant and client to determine key issues and agree on objectives.
  • A consulting proposal is created based on information from the conference.
  • Data collection and analysis is used to gather relevant information. The process is facilitated through a number of methodologies like focus groups, interviews, S.W.O.T. Analysis, brainstorming, and team assessments.
  • Findings and feedback are provided to the client with the objective of arriving at a mutual understanding and agreement between the consultant and the client as to the diagnosis of the situation.
  • A plan of action is recommended that is designed to achieve the results the client is seeking. The plan includes responsibilities of the consultant and client, milestones, and target dates.
  • The implementation phase carries out the action plan and may include other services such as team development, training, facilitation, and executive coaching of individual sponsors and team members for greater influence on the larger organization in less time.
  • A summary meeting takes place at the end of the engagement. Activities are reviewed, results are appraised, next steps are identified, and key findings are formalized.

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