Working with April Goyer

April Goyer is an authentic, enlightening, and inspiring speaker who helps executives cut through the myriad of business complexities to lead with ease and get powerful results. Her speaking engagements are available in keynote as well as workshop formats and can be customized to the needs and interests of your particular organization, association, or group.

April is thorough in her pre and post- program work. Her goal is to help you deliver a top notch event that has lasting positive impact on your audience. To this end, she is willing to provide additional support such as writing an original article for your publication or being available for media interviews.

Keynote Speeches Offered by April Goyer

Stake Your Claim
How to position yourself as a senior leader and create your professional destiny

Do you know what you want? Can you see your career at its peak? Are you ready to make your move?

Your professional success is not based on luck. It has everything to do with your ability to clearly define and commit to what you want and then to orchestrate the progress necessary to get there. Consistent, focused, and inspired action creates desired results. The reality is that both you and your organization prosper when you take charge of your professional growth.

But what is the specific action that prepares you for breakout performance and separates you from the pack? During this program, April Goyer will reveal five difference makers that —when mastered— define you as a powerful, effective, and relevant leader.

  • Create the mindset for succeeding at the highest levels
  • Develop a speaking style that commands attention and produces results
  • Demonstrate a leadership presence that brings out the best in people
  • Build a compelling case for your business initiatives and deliver a strong ROI
  • Think and perform with the power and precision of an athlete

Hit Reset
How to insure that you stay on top of your professional game

These are challenging times. Are you just hanging in there or thriving in your professional position? As a leader are you settling for survival or recalibrating yourself and your management approach?

Regardless of what is going on around you in your immediate position, your organization, or the greater economy, you determine your response and therefore your experience. Leverage and fine-tune the assets at your disposal and you impact your career and your organization in profound ways. Coast and you lose your footing.

During this program, April Goyer will speak frankly about focusing your time, energy, and efforts where you have true control: by upping your professional game from the inside out.

  • Choose to be extraordinary and embrace the skills that will get you there
  • Upgrade your compelling vision for your career and use it as a guide to stay on track
  • Become an expert in your company’s culture and weave in your own brand
  • Expand your universe by leveraging high yield connections
  • Refine your strategic planning process until you get “real” results

For more information on hiring April to speak to your organization, call 614-893-8519, email, or click here to register for a Complimentary Consultation. This is a preliminary telephone discussion conducted in the convenience of your own office or home. During the 45-minute session, you and April will talk about what you want to accomplish in your company, organization, or event and how her services can help you do that. She will also answer any questions that you have.